About Us

Your trusted IT Partner

iScape Pty Ltd

iScape was founded in 2005 by two of its current directors with an initial focus on providing a professional software development service. We have since expanded our offerings and now deliver IT services, support and sales. Our clients benefit from our ability to fulfill both their software and IT service requirements.

We have a proven track record of developing innovative and practical solutions for the mining and sugar industries, and smaller projects for local businesses. Our staff are located in both Brisbane and our head office in Mackay. Our team of fulltime professionals have extensive experience in providing practical solutions to small/medium businesses and the enterprise.


IT Sales & Service

Our service team can design, install and maintain your business’ IT infrastructure. Our clients range from small businesses, operating a single server, to larger multi-site businesses. Our service team are experts in Microsoft products including all server and desktop operating systems and office productivity software. We can provide our clients with hardware and network monitoring services to ensure high availability of their IT investment.


Software Development

The software development team develops Windows, client/server and web based applications primarily using Microsoft products and technologies. We pride ourselves in being up to date with current programming and development practices. We implement agile development methodologies to provide robust project management and rapid feedback to our clients. We also utilise continuous integration servers and comprehensive unit and integration testing throughout the development, commissioning and support cycles, ensuring all outcomes are of high quality and maintainable.