Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solution

  The cloud can bring value, scalability, agility and flexibility to your business.

What is Cloud Computing

The Cloud is an umbrella phrase used to describe many service offerings (business and non-business related) that are accessible over the internet. Have you seen references like Cloud Computing, Cloud Apps, Cloud Backups, Cloud Hosting, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, Cloud Storage, SaaS – Software as a Service, IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, etc.?

Overwhelmed? Relax!

We have three simple recommendations for our clients to consider…

  1. Don’t rush in…the cloud is constantly evolving.
  2. Determine the cloud products and services that apply directly to your business and provide the best value.
  3. Let iScape help you through the process. Meet with us so we can guide and assist you implementing the most appropriate cloud solutions that suit your requirements.

We understand that there is no one solution that fits all, so our approach is unique for each of our clients. We can tailor the right solution that meets your business requirements. The iScape team is constantly researching, reviewing, trialing and evaluating new cloud products and we have already established relationships with trusted cloud providers in Australia.

The cloud brings big advantages to small business…

  • Reduce up-front capital expenditure by subscribing to flexible and cost predictable plans
  • Break away from the hardware upgrade cycle
  • Gain access to enterprise level infrastructure, technology and availability at an affordable price
  • Pay-as-you-go plans ensures you only pay for the services and resources you need

Cloud solutions we can implement immediately…

  • Office 365
  • Virtual server infrastructure
  • User and corporate data storage
  • Online backups
  • Managed antivirus

Take advantage of the Cloud and access the freedom to scale your requirements as they change and only pay for the resources and features that you need.