Business Audits

  • Business Audits

        We can conduct a detailed audit of your current IT infrastructure and report back our recommendations.

      Why conduct an IT infrastructure audit?

      Conducting an IT infrastructure audit is very valuable and important for small to medium enterprise businesses. In essence, an audit is a snapshot of the current capabilities of a business’s network (hardware, software and data) at a specific point in time. The information collated in an audit can be used to identify those capabilities that are adequate, and more importantly, identify deficiencies in business productivity and potential business risks. Included in the audit are recommendations to minimise, and mitigate where possible, any identified risks.

      What does our audit cover?

      • IT system availability & risk assessment
      • System security & confidentiality
      • Information integrity – accurate, reliable & timely
      • Network layout
      • Hardware asset register
      • Software asset register
      • Data assets
      • Backup policy & management
      • Disaster recovery plan
      • Device naming convention
      • Labelling
      • Detailed documentation
      • Power protection
      • Email archiving
      • User management
      • Audit recommendations